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Wine Tourism in Portugal

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Ambassador & Travel Consultant at Wine Tourism in Portugal

I grew up with my grandparents in a small farming village of central Portugal and soon learned to value the “Portuguese Gastronomical heritage”. People, Travel and Food are the reasons why I decided to hit the road, and fundamental what led me to trade the world of luxury hospitality for a pen, some paper and a camera.

I constantly seek little and intimate details in my travels, as I believe they are a destination’s culture in its raw state. Above all I am a firm believer in cultural identity through  gastronomy.

The Portuguese Travel Cookbook

The Portuguese Travel Cookbook is on pre-sale and will be available for shipping on Spring 2016

The book is a journey through the Portugal which is Semper Fidelis to its origins. A country proud of its culinary identity and heritage, where stories about the food, the places, the eateries, the villages, the producers, the fishermen, the farmers and the chefs who dedicate their life and their day to make traditional Portuguese cuisine the everyday wonder that it is.

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Nelson Carvalheiro Blog

nelson-carvalheiro-fiturNelsonCarvalheiro.com is an award winning travel blog about People, Travel and Food written by Nelson Carvalheiro and his inspiring friends. At the start of 2014, a mere 6 months after founding his blog, he is declared FITUR’s European Travel Blogger. In 2015 he wins the 2015 World FITUR Travel Blogger.