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Online Private Cooking Workshops

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1. See all the available online Cooking Workshop experiences on our website selecting the desired Chef.


2. Choose a date and a time for your private Cooking Workshop and receive a confirmation of availability.


3. You should have the basic equipment in your kitchen mentioned in the experience and you will receive a list of products that you have to buy in the market for the experience. You are now ready to fully enjoy the experience with the renowned Chefs.

Welcome the finest Portuguese Food and the renowned Chefs at your home

This is the ultimate private food experience, where the Chef will guide you through the cooking workshop. Get culinary tips, ask all the questions you want! Your chef will cook alongside you, watch and coach you as you cook your meal, together in a complete cooking workshop.

In this experience, you will meet Michelin Starred Chefs like Rui Paula but you will also have the opportunity to meet the finest Chefs from world-renowned gastronomic regions in Portugal.

They will guide you in this complete sensorial experience. You will learn about the Portuguese gastronomical culture and all the culinary techniques to fully indulge in their food.

Taste the Portuguese food in the comfort and privacy of your home!


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Discover the finest Portuguese food, a curated selection of the most awarded and unmissable, and the whole experience was carefully planned to maximize your cuisine experience according to your food knowledge. We want to seduce you to visit Portugal soon, as this country can’t cease to delight foodies from all over the world.

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